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If “Why Bank Fees?” is the question, we have the answer. Introducing the completely FREE checking account with no fees and no minimum balance requirements. Plus, unlimited free ATM access. Keep a higher balance? Choose with interest or without. Whatever your style, FreeStyle Checking fits!


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*Free ATMs apply to the U.S. only. A $1.50 rebate will refunded for any international ATM use. **Our Zero Liability Guarantee does not include transactions that are the result of negligent actions by the cardholder. +Points awarded on annual basis upon completion of 240 signature-based or online debit card transactions. uChoose Rewards is not an affiliate of OceanFirst Bank.

Totally Free?
Now that's what
we call swell!

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If You're Not Interested in Earning Interest,
We Find that Interesting, Or Less Interesting.
But, FreeStyle Comes With or Without.
Whatever Fits Your Style.

A hand typing their debit card number into a keyboard. Zoomed in photo.

Visa® Debit Card
with Rewards

Reward yourself every time you use our free debit card, whether you're shopping, paying bills or filling up your tank. If you listen closely, you may even hear the cha-ching.

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For more information about OceanFirst products and services, please e-mail us your questions, visit your local branch, or give us a call at 1-888-623-2633.