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OceanFirst provides a comprehensive benefits and compensation package that is competitive within
the marketplace to attract, reward and retain highly qualified, motivated and productive employees.

YouFirst Wellness Program

We seek to create a culture of wellness throughout the organization that empowers staff to improve and maintain their overall health and well-being through healthy lifestyle choices and supportive resources. The YouFirst Wellness Program focuses on employees’ physical, mental, emotional, social, and intellectual health through communications, activity challenges, and on-demand fitness, nutrition, and mindfulness classes.


The total rewards strategy incentivizes and rewards individual behaviors that improve the Bank’s performance in a manner consistent with business and strategic plans, while supporting employees’ overall health and well-being.

Incentive Plan

Branch and corporate staff are rewarded for their contributions to OceanFirst’s financial success through incentive programs, in addition to internal recognition and reward programs that emphasize accomplishments and foster employee engagement. Incentives are based on a combination of individual and Bank performance.

Pay Equity

Compensation policies and practices at OceanFirst are equitable, competitive and performance driven. The Bank creates compensation systems and objective metrics around recruitment, performance, and advancement. In addition, OceanFirst invests in analysis and transparency to demonstrate a commitment to pay equity.

Let us help you

For more information about OceanFirst products and services, please e-mail us your questions, visit your local branch, or give us a call at 1-888-623-2698.