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We understand that a one-size fits all approach may not fit everyone. That's why we offer a variety of tailored tools and solutions designed to fit the specific needs of your business.

Monitor Account Activity

Manage your business's finances on your schedule with services that make it easy to stay up-do-date with your account's activity.

Transfer & Money Management

Move your funds in a breeze with our suite of services. You'll thank us when you're enjoying an ocean view while managing your money.

Fraud Prevention

Your peace of mind is our top-of-mind. That's why we offer you cutting edge tools designed to help keep your business safe, secure and protected.

Sweep Accounts

Yield more when you automate your deposit accounts and keep the balances you earn to help pay down your line of credit.

Escrow Accounts

Added protection for your business means we'll ensure the money you need to meet your obligations is there right when you need it.

Work with a team that knows your business and community.

"Our Treasury Client Services Team is a specialized group of talented professionals who are dedicated to providing your business with the best in Treasury Management servicing."

- Melissa Sterling, Director TCS Operations

Meet Our Treasury Management Team

Monmouth Univesity students smiling in the OceanFirst Bank Center on the Monmouth Campus.

Monmouth University

"OceanFirst Bank has demonstrated a strong commitment to our students and our neighbors over many years. Their ongoing leadership in the community, commitment to growth, and strong support of grants and scholarships for our students make them an outstanding partner. We are also proud that our showcase campus arena is named the OceanFirst Bank Center, which resonates so well with our coastal location." 

-Grey Dimenna, Esq., President

Let us help you

For more information about OceanFirst products and services, please e-mail us your questions, visit your local branch, or give us a call at 1-888-623-2633.